How virtual server security and compliance procedures can reduce risk

Michael O’Dwyer, The PULSE of IT, 11/29/16 Virtualization offers many advantages, but ineffective virtual server security and compliance policies can easily negate them. Virtual machine (VM) sprawl and software license management in particular may prove vulnerable to security breaches or audit failure, which can result in large financial costs.


Audit Defense, The Legal Perspective

ITAM Review Annual US Conference, September 2016 Software audits have become routine as publishers have proven that compliance claims get customers’ attention more than sales proposals. Most software license disputes are settled out of court, but what happens when you cannot negotiate a settlement with the publisher or one of its trade associations (BSA |…


To SPLA or Not to SPLA – Microsoft Licensing for the Hosting Services Provider

Microsoft publishes what have become industry standards for numerous different software products, and the market for hosted software solutions that incorporate or that are built on Microsoft programs is a lucrative one. However, Microsoft has very specific licensing requirements for making its products available to end users through commercial hosting services, and the failure to…